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You can start learning to drive when on the road when you have reached your 17th Birthday. Some driving schools may be able to offer off road lessons before this. You can apply for your provisional licence before your reach 17 and must have your licence before starting on-road lessons. On average people take around 45 hours of driving tuition to pass their test.

You don't need to pass the theory test before starting your lessons. However, you have to pass the theory test before you can apply for your practical test. Find out more.

The practical test lasts for approximately 37 - 40 minutes and includes one reversing manoeuvre, possibly an emergency stop and a section of independent driving.

Pass Plus
When you've passed your driving test you can get great car insurance discounts by doing the Pass Plus Course.

Intensive Courses
Some people find that an Intensive Course is an ideal way to learn to drive. Many driving schools offer intensive courses with a free re-test if you fail first time. Some include theory tuition, others do not.

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