Automatic Driving School


The easiest and quickest way of getting on the road is to learn in an automatic car – no clutch, no biting point, no gear changes, no possibility of stalling, and on most hills –no rolling back !

The gearbox is very clever and does all the hard work while you concentrate on where you are going and the other traffic.

If you pass the test in an automatic car you cannot drive a manual but after you pass and build up some experience on the roads, you can always go back and have some more lessons and take a test in a manual vehicle.

Most of the world drives automatics – USA, Canada, and in the UK bus drivers, most Mercedes, many Porsches and BMWs……Lewis Hamilton, Jensen Button and all the F1 drivers are in automatics.

There is plenty more info on the web about automatic gearboxes if you are interested – just Google it!

Automatic Lessons FAQ

How many lessons will I need?
The DVSA average, for a manual car, is around 45 hours, but it varies according to your age, how much prior driving you have done, individual aptitude and the frequency of lessons. For example, someone having 2 or 3 lessons a week will learn more than 2 or 3 times quicker-  you will need less hours because you forget less between sessions. If you are taking automatic driving lessons in Leicester you should expect to be able to pass with fewer lessons than the DVSA average since it easier to pass on an automatic.

What car will I learn in?
The car is a top of the range vehicle – travel in climate controlled comfort as you learn, with a whisper quiet engine and gearbox. Hondas have a well earned reputation for being easy to drive and are renowned for their reliability. You will love it so much, you’ll want to have one when you pass. If you are having disability lessons a car will be chosen with adaptations which match your needs. It may be possible to take the test in your own car if it is suitable.

Where will I take my test?
It depends where you live. There are around a dozen test centres in and around Leicester and the choice will usually be the one nearest to your home address.

If I have become disabled do I have to take the test again?
If you had a full driving licence before your circumstances changed due to injury, illness or a disability please call to discuss what you need to do. Most people don’t need to take a test but you may need to have a driving assessment to check that you are fit to return to driving and which adaptations are best for you.

Do I have to do the theory test before I start lessons?

No ! You can start to learn to drive straight away, and what you learn in the car will help reinforce your theory work by making it relevant to your driving. And your theory studies will help you understand the rules of the road when you are in the car.

What books should I buy ?
Driving is a mainly practical skill – you can only learn a limited amount of it from a book !
You need to buy the Highway Code – £2.50 from most post offices and good bookshops
To practise for the theory test I recommend a DVD which because of bulk buying can be offered to you well below shop price.

What happens on my first lesson ?
This is normally a two hour lesson :

If you have driven before, your driving will be assessed to ensure that the tuition progresses you on from your present level and doesn’t waste time going over what you have mastered already.
A plan will be drawn up to get you to test standard with a planned test date in mind and this will be reviewed as you progress.

If you are a new driver, you will learn about the main controls of the car, the basic rules of the road and you WILL drive the car in the first hour. After all it’s a driving lesson, not a talking lesson !

What records do you keep ?
Your progress is recorded and monitored using the DSA Driver’s Record form and every lesson has a brief lesson plan .Both are discussed with you regularly so that you know how you are improving, and what you will be doing next time. As you acquire new skills, a series of (free) pupil handouts will be given to you to help reinforce your learning.
When you are close to test standard you will have one or more mock tests to simulate what happens on the day of your test. These will also be used to modify the lesson plan as appropriate.
If you have driven before, a driving  assessment form may also be completed.

You will also sign an agreement which covers all the standard terms and conditions between us ,including cancellation charges.

What happens on my test day ?
You will be picked up at least an hour before the test time to give you an hour to settle your driving down and to cover any last minute issues.
Your documents will be checked to ensure they are correct.
At the test centre you can sit the test alone or with your instructor in the car (recommended).
At the end of the test your debrief with the examiner will be attended to ensure any points raised are correctly dealt with.
Assuming you have passed, you can have your photo taken before the euphoria wears off !
Afterwards you will be driven home – after all whether you pass or fail, you will probably be too distracted to drive.