Distractions when learning to drive

There are many rules you should follow when you’re learning to drive on the road. From wearing your seatbelts to follow the road signs, driving requires a full concentration but many drivers hardly deal with distractions. Even for a driving license holder, avoiding distractions when driving is still challenging. Any failure in handling these distractions can lead to accidents. Learning to drive also includes learning how to handle these distractions. All these apply when on your driving lessons.

Don’t Use Mobile Phone

Gadgets like smartphones or any communication interface could have been the major distractions of today’s UK driver. Even though making use of the GPS is an advantage, making a call, texting, or chatting through an instant messenger platform could be driving distractions.  Even if your car is featured with wireless connectivity that allows you to make a call or text recipient only with your voice, you need to use your discretion when using it. For the best safety practice, you can simply pull aside and do your communication needs before continuing to drive.

Don’t Drink and Eat While Driving  

Don’t drink or eat while driving as it would distract your focus from the road in ways you may not predict. Even spilling your hot coffee while driving could be disastrous and the consequences can be unbearable. You better make a stop in a rest area or somewhere where you can enjoy your meals and beverages before back to your lane. These can be distractions for drivers of all levels whether they’re beginners or senior drivers.

Turn Down Multimedia Volume

Songs could be a great driver’s companion for a long trip but only if they’re played at a moderate volume. Setting up a high volume on your multimedia when driving is all driving lessons would be against as it can distract drivers from their spatial surroundings including the sounds from other vehicles. On the other hand, no matter how big your dashboard screen, don’t play and watch videos when you’re driving.

Focus on Driving Lane

 As taught in any driving school in the UK, you should focus on the driving lane and not drive between two lanes. You need to keep controlling your steer as the road contour and texture may gradually adjust your steering position. Driver must focus on steering handling as adjustment may take place in a matter of milliseconds. Some imperfections like holes on the road could be a hazard you should anticipate with hands steady on the steer.

Don’t Drive When Tired or Sleepy

As you might have seen, anything can be a distraction for a driver as he/she can’t maintain concentration or focus on the road and the driving tasks. A tired or sleepy condition has also become that major distraction that can significantly decrease the concentration of a driver. If you feel tired or sleepy, take a break in a rest area, get some rest, and/or refreshments until you regain focus.